• Microsoft Windows 8.1 64bit OEM

Windows 8 Benefits

  • New DirectX 11 - Enjoy faster/smoother gameplay.
  • Improved multi-monitor support
  • Quicker boot times from fresh start and suspend
  • Native USB3.0 support
  • Windows 8 Store - Download Apps
  • Storage Spacers - Drive letters a thing of the past
  • ISO & VHD mount ability
  • PC Refresh - Re-install windows easily without having to format the HDD
  • Microsoft Accounts - Sign in with your settings on any PC with your live sign in
  • Enhanced task manager
  • Updated Windows Explorer
  • Boot from VHD (Pro version only)
  • Built in Hyper-V (Pro version only)


Your Windows, everywhere - Perfect it once, have it always. Log in to each of your devices running brand new Windows 8 and your personal apps and setting are available, straight away.

Connected to your people -Your apps light up with connections to your most important people. Information from the services you connect to Hotmail, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more appears right inside the Mail, Messaging, and People apps, at your finger tips!

Connected to your files – Connect across multiple devices you use everyday like a phone or PC, SkyDrive, Facebook, Flickr, and other services, so you can smoothly get to all your photos and files.


All the Apps you could ever want – Applications are at the epicenter of Windows 8. You’ll be able to get in the know quickly with a set of built-in apps for the you need the most. Designed for your connected lifestyle, the apps merge with the services you use daily.

Built-in Apps – By using Windows 8, your whole computer is “cloud-connected”. You’ll benefit from new Microsoft-Mail, Calendars, SkyDrive, Photo media, People, and Message apps that are linked with services like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter just by intergrating them with your Microsoft account.

Apps work together - In Windows 8, apps work together so you can share information between them and streamline your work. For example, the Photos and Mail apps are connected, so you can select a picture from an album in your Photos app and email it to one of your contacts with a single click. No more opening your mail separately and attaching the picture. You can enable apps to include content from SkyDrive, share with your contacts in the People app, and send mail to people you know.

The Start Screen

Make it yours – Personalise your start screen with the thing you care about most, Organise and customise it the way you want.

Fast and fluid - Built for speed, Internet Explorer 10 brings you a quicker web experience. Whether loading websites, sharing files, or going to and from sites to apps, it all runs at a speed equal to apps on your own PC.

Intuitive – Surf the web with ease. There when you require, tabs and navigation controls appear at the swipe of your finger. To Share websites with friends—just tap and swipe. And pin individual sites to 

A more trusted Web - Increased security, increased privacy, increased peace of mind: Building on innovations such as SmartScreen & Tracking Protection, Internet Explorer has been made to work with the security platform of Windows to give you more control over your personal information and help to keep you safe from online dangers.

Longer Life

Great experience across many different devices – Since Windows 8 runs on low-power computers, you can work much longer on a single battery charge. This means you can stay connected so your PC is ready whenever you are. Battery life is Increased and connections are stronger so you’ll be able to find a device to suit you for work or play. Low power requirements are also helped by the increasing number of energy-efficient devices that are designed to work on Windows 8.

Share between devices - Tap and Do works on mobile devices equipped with Near Field Communications. You can tap two devices together and share information, its so simple. Tap and Setup is another feature available on Windows 8 that lets you quickly connect wireless devices, such as keyboards, mice, headphones, and speakers by simply tapping them up against your computer. No more pin’s passwords or complicated setups!

Its Windows reimagined and reinvented from a solid core of Windows 7 quickness and reliability. Its a modern touch interface. Its a Windows for all devices. And its so simple to try now - whether youre using it for the first time, or moving from Windows 8 consumer preview.

Microsoft Windows 8.1 64bit OEM

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